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2023 Success Stories

We are beyond grateful for our community, their hard work, dedication, and pride in Koshkonong Mounds!

Peter's Patio

In loving memory of longtime KMCC member, Peter Newcomb. This project has turned out beautifully and has been utilized frequently since being completed. The idea behind Peter’s Patio was to give KMCC members and guests a place to gather outside while also creating a positive “curb appeal” for our club. Throughout the 2023 season, Peter’s Patio became a popular spot for outings, music nights, and gatherings, enjoying the incredible sunsets and ambiance of our course. We invite continued use of the patio and eagerly anticipate more of you gathering by the fire pit with your favorite beverages!  Also, the custom stone inlay will be placed shortly and will be in place by the start of the 2024 season – so be sure to check it out!

Thank you, Newcomb Family

KMCC & KGA would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Mark and Barb McGlynn who contributed a great deal of time, money, and resources toward this project! Serving largely in the role of project leaders, Mark and Barb worked closely with contractors and other various donors to the project and saw it through to completion.  

Thank you to Dan and Nina Veenhuis for their generous contribution to the project.

Thank you to Fred Fields who was responsible for the handrail and custom cover for the fire pit.

Thank you to all who donated time and money to make Peter’s Patio happen.

Short Range

The new short-range was built with the idea of building upon the Koshkonong Golf Academy. This range will stand as a significant asset in introducing the game to younger generations for years to come.  The KGA, a non-profit organization, is committed to fostering the growth of golf through junior programs, instruction, and facilitating more golf! Equipped with hitting mats, sod, irrigation, targets, range balls, range ball picker, and other essential equipment, this short range will be a major tool for youth golf, golf instruction, and warming up before your round!  Unlimited range use is included with all 2024 memberships.

KMCC and KGA would like to extend a warm thank you to Dr. Pete and Joan Nysather, who contributed a great deal of time, money, and resources toward this project! Pete and Joan have enjoyed the process of the short-range project and their commitment to the growth of junior golf is unmatched. Even though this project is completed, in typical Nysather fashion, they have even offered to help pick up range balls throughout the 2024 season. Thank you!

Thank you to Mike McKelvey and Bella Construction for donating their time to build the retaining wall along the hitting area.

Thank you to Dan and Nina Veenhuis for their generous donation to this project.

Thank you to many donors/volunteers who contributed their time and talents!

Lake View Upgrade

Wait until you see the view out here now!! Koshkonong Mounds Country Club has an unmatched view of Lake Koshkonong, which is something we would often take for granted. This project just recently began and is already far along in the journey. The wooden fence behind the wedding lawn has been removed along with MANY dead trees. For those of you who have been fortunate enough to see a historical photo of KMCC with a pier, it is now incredibly easy to picture as you look down and see the lake shore!

Thank you to Jason and Jodie Schultz and Schultz Construction for donating time, money, resources, and labor toward this project.

Thank you to Dr. Peter and Joan Nysather for donating time, money, resources, and labor toward this project.

Ball Net Removal

With the new short-range available for use in 2024, the ball net came down. This will open space for KMCC’s outside staff and will promote the use of the short-range!

Thank you to Mark McGlynn and Fred Fields for assisting in the tear-down of the ball net structure.

Property Landscaping & Flowers

Throughout your golfing experience at Koshkonong Mounds, golfers will notice the beautiful flower arrangements throughout the golf course. This adds to the aesthetic appeal, character, and natural beauty of our property and golf course!

Thank you to Jacky and Darryl Spoerl for generously contributing their time, funds, and watering equipment to make this possible for us! The flowers at KMCC have received countless compliments, and when you see Jacky and Darryl, please extend your thanks to them.

New Concrete Steps on Holes #1 and #9

KMCC just recently had this project started and completed in just 5 days! The old, rotted steps are gone and these new concrete steps provide a much nicer approach to these holes while also increasing the safety of golfers using the steps. These steps will be equipped with a stainless-steel handrail as well!

Thank you to Jerry Mooren for funding the new concrete steps.

Thank you to Fred Fields for creating the handrails for these new steps.

Cart Turnaround and "Dump" Cleanup on Hole #6

KMCC’s old cart path/turnaround was eroding away and in very rough shape which was paired with quite an eyesore behind the green. There is now a new cart path/turnaround in place and the dump area is all cleaned up! The cart path was a much-needed improvement and will serve as a major upgrade to the hole and the area behind the green provides a much more natural look and allows KMCC members and guests to view A LOT more of the beautiful golf course that we have.

Thank you to Eagle Ridge Estates for funding this project and seeing it through to completion. The natural beauty of our property is now greatly displayed in that area of the golf course. It also provides a new experience for our members because the hole plays just a bit differently now! 

New Boundary Fence on Hole #17

The new boundary fence along hole #17 and Koshkonong Mounds Lake Road is a large improvement over the wooden, rotted fence that was there before. This new fence helps define our Out-Of-Bounds line while providing a MAJOR upgrade to the aesthetic appeal of the hole from both the golf course and the road!

KMCC would like to extend a large thank you to Ed and Lorraine Birk for the donation of the brand-new fence! This fence gives the club a much cleaner appearance from all angles and was a much-needed upgrade. Thank you, Ed and Lorraine.

KMCC would also like to thank our members who showed up on the member volunteer workday to help set this fence up! 

Pump House Near Hole #1 and #18 Pond

Koshkonong Mounds Country Club has over $90K worth of irrigation equipment in that pump house and the building structure around it was about to crumble. KMCC has been fortunate enough to receive a new roof, building maintenance, clean-up, and new ground structure to prevent water/snow damage.

Thank you to Dr. Peter and Joan Nysather for donating time and money to this project.

Thank you to Greg and Karen Swingen for donating time and money to this project.

Thank you to Mike Dean and Reliable Golf Services for donating time and equipment to this project.

Bear Trap & On-Course Bathroom Maintenance 

Every spring and fall, the water needs to be connected/disconnected, equipment needs to be serviced and/or replaced, and holding tanks need to be serviced. These service and equipment needs would cost KMCC roughly $10K each golf season.

Thank you to Vince and Linda Kent for donating their knowledge, time, and money to make this happen for KMCC members and guests. Vince and Linda not only donated this for 2023 but have done so since 2018 when the Bear Trap and on-course bathrooms were available to guests.

Thank you to Kris and Virginia Koenig and Ready Electric for always making sure our electrical setup is up to par so we can keep the beverages ice cold.

Winter Snow Plowing

Thank you to Vince Kent and Mike McKelvey for your commitment to clear our lots!

New Pizza Oven

KMCC’s kitchen received a new pizza oven! This new oven has certainly been used by Chef Ryan Daehn and allows him to get even more creative with his menu!

Thank you to Mike Buggs, Jerry Mooren, and Ron Slavin for donating this to KMCC

Various Beverage Donations throughout the Season

KMCC has been fortunate enough to receive beverage sponsorships and donations from members throughout the season for various events and gatherings!

Thank you to Pete and Laurie Strom for your multiple generous contributions.

Thank you to the unofficial “Bourbon Club” for your tasty donations.

Project Wish List

Here are some projects that we would like to get started on for 2024! If you would like to inquire about donating, please reach out to General Manager, Mason Kent or KMCC Board of Directors President, Ty Rohloff. If there is a project that you feel is important to complete but is not listed, please reach out to Mason Kent, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 920-563-2823.  

  • New Landscaping (area between entrance road and upper parking lot; near clubhouse awning entrance)

  • Parking Lot Construction & Maintenance

  • New Ceiling Tiles in the Clubhouse

  • New Floor in Clubhouse

  • Removal of Dead Trees (Thank you to Mark McGlynn for starting this project!)

  • Large Rock Removal

  • Aerification of Hole #9 Pond

  • New Retaining Wall for Hole #3 Olive Tee Location

  • Removal of Rotten Railroad Ties on Multiple Tee Boxes