Junior Golf Camp

Little Chiefs” Junior Fun Camp

Core values and a game that lasts a lifetime… sign up today and get involved with your junior in our “Little Chief’s” Junior Golf Program taught by PGA certified instructors, the best in the business, and prepare for family fun!

Dates & Times:

What:    Little Chiefs Junior Golf Lessons

When:   Tuesday morning starting June 21st and running through August 16th.

Time:     3 Divisions;         9:00am – 11:45am * Ages (14 – 17) – includes 9 holes of golf (Front #)

9:45am – 11:45am *Ages (9 – 13) – includes 4 holes of golf (#1-#2 / #8-#9)

10:30am – 11:45am *Ages (5 - 8) – includes 2 holes of golf (#1 / #9)

What:    Family Golf Nights

When:   Orientation – June 14th @ 3:30pm

July Family Night – July 19th

Family Finale – August 30th.

Time:     Schedule your own tee time – any time after 3:30 pm

Sundays we will hold a family event;

Sunday’s – Family Golf Night @ 3:00pm


The Little Chiefs Junior Program is FREE to all club members. A one-time $20 fee is charged for all non-member invited guests.

Safety Waiver:

Please complete the attached safety waiver and return to KMCC prior to your child first scheduled lesson

Items to Bring:

No golf equipment is needed to participate – if your youngster has clubs, please bring them along but if not, we have loaner clubs available! We will ask that you provide your child with sunscreen, hydration and proper clothing for the day’s forecasted weather.


Parental volunteers are the back-bone of the overall programs success. Insuring we have enough adult supervision to maintain a safe & fun learning environment is our main priority. If you have signed up to volunteer; we thank you. A list of volunteers with a coordinating schedule will be in a separate handout.


Week 1 – Tuesday, June 21 - Full Swing w. golf

Week 2 – Thursday, June 30 - Etiquette & Rules w. golf ** please note - date change **

Week 3 – Tuesday, July 5 - Short Game w. golf

Week 4 – Tuesday, July 12 - Full Swing w. golf

Week 5 – Tuesday, July 19 - Short Game w. golf

Week 6 – Tuesday, July 26 - Etiquette & Rules w. golf

Week 7 – Tuesday, August 2 - Full Swing w. Golf

Week 8 – Tuesday, August 16 - Short Game w. golf

** No Junior Golf scheduled for PGA Championship Week - Tuesday, August 11th **

During the 8 week camp, we will be covering a variety of material ranging from course etiquette to the basics of the swing. We will be utilizing a wonderful teaching program for beginners called SNAG Golf (Starting New At Golf). SNAG Golf is a set of hands on large easy to use clubs, balls, targets, and training aids with audible and visual feedback that is fun for everyone (even the adults)! It is the best “first touch” program to teach the game of golf to beginners of all ages.

“Little Chief’s Junior Golf Liability Waiver”

Golf is a wonderful family sport, and we want everyone playing, juniors included! That being said, safety is the ultimate concern in all Koshkonong Mounds Golf Operations. Young children on the golf course or practice areas are at risk of unintentionally standing too close to a player's swing path and they may not be aware of other safety factors such as when or where to hold onto the grab rail of a golf car. Due to these and other safety concerns, we encourage you to take care when deciding if you want your child on the golf course, at the driving range, or in a golf car. We do educate everyone in our program about golf safety and etiquette but we still encourage you to be aware of the risks.

Our Policy

  • Youth 5 through 12 years of age will be permitted to play and must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who accepts full responsibility for their safety, behavior and ensure they are not disturbing or slowing the play of others.
  • Exceptions to this age limit on PLAYING GOLF may be made, on a case by case basis.
  • Only one adult, and two children allowed in a golf car at a time. (All riders must be seated on the golf car seat).
  • Never leave a child unattended in the golf car.
  • Make sure the parking-break is on when you leave the golf car.
  • There are steep areas on the golf courses, and GOLFERS HAVE FALLEN OUT OF GOLF CARS. Take caution on hills, bumps and around corners.
  • Golfers must be at least 16 years of age and in possession of a valid driver's license to operate a golf car.
  • Any age youth is allowed at the driving nets, when accompanied by a responsible adult. Safety is our priority, and we ask that you pay close attention so a child does not walk too close to anyone swinging.

Koshkonong Mounds C.C. offers a large variety of Junior Golf Programs that will teach youth proper rules, safety, and etiquette.

I understand that no more than two people shall be in a golf car at any time. ___________ (Initial)

By signing this form, I take full responsibility for the actions of my child; the risk involved at being on the golf course and in a golf car, and will not hold Koshkonong Mounds Resort Inc., or its employees responsible for any injury or damage that may occur.


Medical Release:

I/We the undersigned, hereby certify that I/We am/are the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the “Junior Golf Attendee”. All participants must have their own medical coverage. I/We give my/our permission for the staff of the Camp to seek during the period of the Camp appropriate medical attention for the camper in the event of accident, injury, or illness. I will be responsible for any and all costs of medical attention and treatment.

Waiver Statement:

I/We, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge and understand that the Koshkonong Mounds CC Little Chief’s is a privately run sports camp operated by the Koshkonong Mounds CC Professional Staff. I/We, the undersigned, for ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, waive, release and forever discharge Koshkonong Mounds CC Professional Staff, and their officers, agents,

employees, representatives, successors, and assigns

from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, and

causes of actions whatsoever arising out of or related to

any loss, personal injury or property damage that may be

sustained or occur during participation in Junior Golf Camp activities or while at while on Koshkonong Mounds CC property. In addition, I/We agree to the terms of registration and payment as stated in this application.

Child’s Name:                                                                                         Age:


Parent or Guardian Signature:                                                   Date:


Emergency contact information:


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Volunteer Sign Up

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Let’s Go Play!